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Discover your potential

and live your best version.

Even if you can’t see it yet, you already have your full potential within you.

Unfold it for your personal happiness and maximum mental health.

Discover your potential

and live your best version.

Even if you can’t see it yet, you already have your full potential within you.

Unlock it for your personal happiness and maximum mental health.

You’ve already achieved a lot …

and you have the feeling that you are not yet fully realizing your potential?

Through leadership, you develop a clear vision for your own life.

Leadership & Career

  • love what you do.
  • work long hours and yet it’s never enough.
  • still don’t achieve your professional goals.
  • have less and less time for yourself, your family, and your friends.
  • feel like you’re stuck, and nothing is moving.
  • are frustrated, sometimes impatient and annoyed.

Personal growth

  • live your life only in your head.
  • feel like you’re treading water, frustrated and a victim of your own thoughts.
  • always start something new and never finish it.
  • keep making lots of plans but never manage to put them into practice.
  • have sometimes asked yourself whether your plans even match your values?

Mental health

  • constantly criticize yourself.
  • conduct your own dialogs in your everyday life with few uplifting and loving words.
  • show yourself little appreciation.
  • let your thoughts spin like a carousel that goes round and round with no end in sight.

What are you looking for?
What do you want to transform and/or change?

Fulfillment at work, a strong personality and mental health are possible when you

  • are better in touch with yourself.

  • follow your attention.

  • recognize and understand your body’s signals and develop a positive approach to them.

  • master your everyday life with ease in a relaxed, concentrated, and focused way.

  • make yourself shine in your wholeness!

How we see ourselves and how we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel and ultimately how we act.

Fortunately, we always have the choice to see things one way or the other. We can change this for ourselves at any time.

If you want to realize your full potential, now is the time to take control of your life.

Together we will find the way out of the dead end and towards your fulfilled life.

Hello, I’m Sorina

… STEM-savvy, an executive and a happy person with a mission:

To unleash your potential,

for more fulfillment and joy not only at work, but in life.

How do we work together?

My coaching approach is systemic and based on positive cognitive science. This states that people construct and interpret their reality instead of passively perceiving objective realities. We create our reality through our experiences, values, beliefs, and interpretations. The key to this coaching approach is to recognize through self-reflection which imprints shape our reality. If we understand why we live and act according to certain patterns, we can counteract them accordingly.

An essential element of this is the NeuroEmbodiment method, which involves physical reactions.

This is how personal coaching with me works:

  • Initial consultation

    In our first meeting, we talk about your current situation. We clarify the motivation for your coaching, your goals, the process, and the duration.

  • Coaching sessions

    This is followed by 1:1 coaching sessions in which we approach your goal step by step.

    There are no ready-made solutions; instead, we work together to develop new approaches and strategies that suit your individual needs and strengths.

    I support you in recognizing your own resources in the form of skills, experience, or personal strengths and values. Together we will work on how you can use and apply these resources for yourself, be it to overcome challenges or to achieve your goals.

  • Erstgespräch

    In unserem ersten Gespräch nehmen wir deinen Ist-Zustand auf.
    Wir klären den Anlass für dein Coaching ab, deine Ziele, den Ablauf und die Dauer.

  • Coaching-Sessions

    Es folgen 1:1 Coaching Sessions, in denen wir uns Schritt für Schritt deinem Ziel nähern.

    Dabei gibt es keine vorgefertigten Lösungen, sondern wir erarbeiten gemeinsam neue Ansätze und entwickeln Strategien, die zu deinen individuellen Bedürfnissen und Stärken passen.

    Ich unterstütze dich dabei, deine eigenen Ressourcen zu erkennen, in Form von Fähigkeiten, Erfahrungen oder persönlichen Stärken. Gemeinsam arbeiten wir darauf hin, wie du diese Ressourcen für dich nutzen und einsetzen kannst, sei es um Herausforderungen zu bewältigen oder deine Ziele zu erreichen.

Sorina Seitz

Leadership. Coaching. NeuroEmbodiment

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Sorina Seitz  - Leadership. Coaching. NeuroEmbodiment