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Leadership is our self-responsibility, which we bear first and foremost for ourselves in this world.

What does leadership have to do with you?

  • Developing your self-leadership skills.

  • Taking responsibility for your own goals.

  • Having a clear vision for your own life.

  • Self-motivation
  • Making decisions that lead you to personal growth.

  • Consciously influence your own behavior and attitudes to bring out the best version of yourself and let it shine.

Striving for personal growth

There are two types of mindsets that can have an impact on the approach to challenges and the pursuit of personal growth:

Fixed Mindset

  • Believes that skills and intelligence are fixed and unchangeable.
  • Avoids challenges for fear of failure.
  • Sees efforts as fruitless as success is supposedly based on innate talents.
  • Perceives criticism as a threat and avoids constructive feedback.
  • Feels threatened by the success of others.

    Growth Mindset

    • Believes in development and skills through learning.
    • Actively seeks challenges as opportunities for growth.
    • Views effort as the path to mastering new skills.
    • Accepts criticism as an opportunity to improve.
    • Enjoys the success of others and sees oneself as a source of inspiration.

    We can all adopt different types of mindsets in different areas of our lives and switch between the two over time, depending on experience and self-reflection.
    It is beneficial to cultivate a growth mindset to unleash your potential and live the best version of your life.
    Are you curious?

    Then let’s talk and take a closer look at what leadership can look like for you.

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